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Peace December 4, 2008

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noun, interjection, verb, peaced, peac·ing.



After watching the news several times a day and seeing all of the horrors that occur over seas there are times that many of us wish and pray that our world could see peace. Being in a world of hate and jealousy is something that we pray would just disappear. To be able to live a life where everybody gets along, and there is no racism is a feeling and hope that almost everyone would love to see happen. Unfortunately right now we can only hope for the best and realize that no matter what everything is going to work out for the best.




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to have confidence or faith in the truth of (a positive assertion, story, etc.); give credence to.

Oftentimes throughout our life we tend to run into a lot of obstacles. As we grow older, situations tend to get more difficult. Somehow, we have to find faith in ourselves to believe. Life is a very crazy ride, and in order to be able to achieve our dreams, we have to learn to believe in ourselves. Not only do we need to believe in ourselves, but we also need to realize that we, as human beings, truly can do anything that we set our minds to. All it takes is believing in yourself and you can achieve it. 🙂



” Woman faces prostitution , drug charges after undercover investigation.” November 23, 2008

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Once again, after reading through the community newspaper I found another shocking, and intriguing article.  I ran across this article, and I was definitely drawn in. There was a forty year old woman who was arrested and charged with prostitution, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, and two possessions of drug paraphernalia, as well as a possession of marijuana charge. A call was placed to the police stating that there was a women living at his motel and he was almost positive that she was selling drugs.  Not only was she selling drugs, but she was also selling herself through advertisements online for being a prostitute.  After being arrested she tried to sell herself to the police officer, and said that she would perform two sex acts if he gave her 200 dollars in exchange.  She obviously was arrested right away again.  I was shocked by this.  The motel that this woman was living in is a dump, and everybody goes there to throw parties.  The funny part is I never expected somebody to be living there doing those types of acts in such a small friendly town.



” Cary man charged for stabbing Barrington man.”

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After skimming through articles online, I figured that I would take a look at the newspaper from my home town.  As I was reading the Cary-Grove Countryside, I came across this article that caught my eye.  I was shocked to see that there was a stabbing that occurred from a boy who was still living in my town.  I read through the article, and saw that the boy who did the stabbing was a friend of mines brother.  I was in complete shock.  Her brother went into the Barrington boy’s house, and stabbed him at 2:10 a.m.  Unfortunately, they are still unsure as to why this action occurred.  His most recent court date was on November 10th, but there have been no new updates as to what happened.  I find it interesting to look back and see the crimes that take place back in my home town.  The even more unfortunate part is that I knew of the boy who did the stabbing, I feel sorry for his family who has to deal with such a disappointing and uncomfortable situation.



Thanksgiving Break

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As I was sitting in class last Thursday, my teacher glanced around the room and developed a somewhat shocked look on his face.  Spady decided to make an announcement as to why we do not get a full week of school off for Thanksgiving break.  He told us that the reason for this is because no matter what everybody leaves early.  Spady also stated that NMU decided to give us a full week off, and when they did a bunch of students chose to take the previous Thursday and Friday off as well.  Due to that choice made by the students, the school went back to having only three days off.  I could see how this would be frustrating to them, but at the same time I can’t.  I think that no matter what students are going to be leaving early, so why not give us a full week off?  This would be of great help due to the fact that many people have long far destinations. I personally will not be able to leave until Tuesday night because my ride was given an exam on the Tuesday night.  This is frustrating to me because I have a dental appointment on Wednesday at ten in the morning, we live eight hours away, and it is supposed to snow on Tuesday.  Obviously everything happens for a reason, but unfortunately things did not work out in my favor.


” Stop the Christmas Build Up”

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As I was skimming through the Marquette Tribune, I found an interesting section called blogs. Seeing as I am blogging I decided to take a look at what other people have to talk about.  I found a blog that I completely and totally disagreed with.  There was a girl discussing how she hates the Christmas build up.  Why? I am not sure.  I feel that Christmas really can never start too early, because the holiday truly only lasts about two months.  She was ranting about how her roommate listens to Christmas carols too early, and about how lights are put up too early as well.  I personally think that Christmas is one of those happy and comforting holidays that never really can get old.  I guess that the “official day” to start putting up lights and trees is the day after thanksgiving, but I believe doing it in the beginning of November is fine as well.  The girl who wrote that blog obviously had a different opinion than me, but I am not sure as to why she wouldn’t like to enjoy Christmas a little bit early.  I guess we all have our different opinions, some of which not everybody will be able to agree upon.


” Auto accident on Wells Street last night”

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After skimming through the Marquette Tribune, I was shocked to see an article titled “Auto accident on Wells Street last night.”  I realized that these sorts of situations tend to occur a lot around Marquette, so I decided to read on.  As I read on it stated that there was a pedestrian walking across the road when it was not their turn to walk.  The “do not walk sign” was posted.  There was a car proceeding on through his green light, when he saw a person walking in front of the car.  The driver swerved to the opposite lane hoping to avoid the pedestrian.  Unfortunately, the man jumped to the other lane where the driver had swerved to.  Obviously, we all know what this led to.  Before the driver could do anything else, he hit the pedestrian and the man flew onto the windshield, and then back onto the road.  Luckily he only had a few minor injuries, but he was still taken to the hospital to be inspected.  The pedestrian received a jay walking ticket.  This to me was somewhat of a scary situation.  There are a ton of people that jay walk, and there are situations like this that prove that accidents really do occur.  I think that a lot of us tend to jay walk, and do stupid stuff like this and don’t realize that we can get severely injured.